Nicholas Davison

Nicholas Davison, President & CEO, founded Sterling Investment Group Inc. (SIG) to enrich lives by exceeding expectations. After graduating from COS, Nick made his mark on the San Diego real estate market by acquiring undervalued, poorly maintained houses and renovating them to provide safer, clean, affordable homes in otherwise blighted neighborhoods. Nicholas will not shy away from hard work. He began his love with real estate at the age of 14 when he started saving for his first property to flip. Everything from a full-time job, to part-time landscaping, construction and even renting out his car to his friends, Nick was determined to start buying houses quickly. By the age of 18 he did buy and flip his first house… and has been investing in real estate ever since.Using a business model designed to maximize profits through the cyclical real estate climate, Nick has assembled a team of strong, creative, and dedicated leaders to support his vision and ensure consistent growth and development well into the future. SIG’s focus is to pursue solutions that benefit all constituents, including residents, vendors, employees, shareholders, the community, and the environment. With Nick’s leadership, SIG has developed an impressive track record of completing renovations quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining a high level of quality and integrity. Nick’s hands-on involvement in SIG has kept him at the forefront of the real estate industry for nearly two decades. He possesses a deep understanding of single family residential investing, purchasing, renovating and selling for profit; in recent years, he’s taken substantial interest in multifamily apartment communities. Always an entrepreneur, Nicholas searches out great opportunities and “loves a good deal”. He has renovated hundreds of houses in his career and currently owns condos, multi-units, and an apartment building along with the many homes he flips at any given time.